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A Creative Dance Class

for Families

Upcoming classes this July at studios in Newton, Cambridge and Arlington

In Movement Together, families bond with each other while developing skills in different movement forms and becoming comfortable, poised dancers.  Tara uses beautiful music from around the world and draws on her background in Indian, West African and Japanese art forms.  She leads warm-up and strengthening exercises, teaches different elements of dance, and guides families to create movement, tell stories and have fun together.  
















In this intergenerational class, parents/caregivers have the opportunity to participate in a creative activity with their children, without being the leader.  Children have the chance to initiate ideas and collaborate with their caregivers, engaging with their grownups in a wholly different way. 


This is a program that originated when Tara was asked for a lecture/demonstration, but with a longer audience participation segment so that teens could learn more elements of classical Indian dance.  It worked wonderfully, and Tara now presents lecture/workshops where she gives a short presentation and allows the students to dance a lot more!

For more information and to see what is entailed, please go to the LECT/DEMS page.

Tara wears Indian practice clothes for these programs, not costume in photo..

Family Dance MR1.jpg

Photos by Celia Ivanov

Family Dance MR3.jpg
Family Dance MR4.jpg

This is a high-enjoyment, low-pressure class... no dance experience or athletic aptitude required!  Parents and kids, grandparents and grandkids, caregivers and kids are all welcome. 

This class was inspired by the work of Jeff Bliss, a remarkable dance educator at Jacob's Pillow.  Tara first took his "Families Dance Together" class at Jacob's Pillow with her oldest son, and was amazed at the bonding experience it created  between family members.

Photo by Channing Johnson

Tara has taught workshops and/or led residencies at organizations including:

  • Boston Ballet

  • New Hampshire Humanities Council

  • Medford Public Library

  • Broadmeadow Elementary School, Needham, MA

  • Boston University

  • Glenholme School, Washington, CT

  • Groundwork Theater, Providence, RI

  • Methuen Public Library, Methuen, MA

  • Holy Cross College Worcester, MA

  • Sharon Public Library, Sharon, MA

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