"Tara made the dance very kid-friendly and allowed every kid to feel engaged. They loved her calm way of teaching and showing them.  It was a wonderful experience!"  

Melissa Camhi, 2nd Grade Teacher, Broadmeadow Elementary School 



This new program is a combination of a lecture and a workshop, for groups of 20 or less.  It was developed when a library asked for a lecture/demonstration, but requested a much longer participatory component.  It was a lot of fun for both Tara and the teens!  It consists of a bit of lecture, a PowerPoint presentation, and a mini-workshop.  Note: Tara wears Indian dance practice clothes rather than a dance costume (seen in photos) for this program.


Workshops are one-time group classes (45-90 minutes) where participants learn some basic elements of classical Indian dance. Workshops can be taught to children or adults of any level.  Students warm up, then receive a basic introduction to hand gestures, eye and neck movement, rhythmic footwork, and a few phrases of choreography.  Because classical dance is a challenging, codified technique (akin to ballet), students generally work mostly on the foundations of classical dance.  For more advanced dance students or for groups with multiple workshops, they may learn a more significant portion of a dance piece.


Residencies are a series of workshops where the participants delve further into the art of classical Indian dance.  Tara gives a lecture/demonstration before the workshops begin so that students are acquainted with the art form before beginning to practice.  Each group of students then has four or more workshops where they learn a segment of a dance piece, with a recital at the end of the series if desired.  The series of workshops may happen in a week where students have a workshop every day, or over the course of weeks or months where they have one session each week.  In the final recital, Tara introduces the groups and directs them as they perform the short pieces that they have learned.

Tara has taught workshops and/or led residencies at organizations including:

  • Cambridge Center for Families

  • Boston Ballet

  • Broadmeadow Elementary School, Needham

  • New Hampshire Humanities Council

  • Boston University

  • Groundwerx Theater, Providence, RI

Photos by Channing Johnson