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This new program is a combination of a lecture and a workshop, for groups of 20 or less.  It was developed when a library asked for a lecture/demonstration, but requested a much longer participatory component.  It was a lot of fun for both Tara and the teens!  It consists of a bit of lecture, a PowerPoint presentation, and a mini-workshop.  Note: Tara wears Indian dance practice clothes rather than a dance costume (seen in current photos) for this program.

This program is suitable for schools, libraries, residential programs and cultural organizations.


A Creative Dance Class for Families

In this intergenerational class, parents/caregivers have the opportunity to participate in a creative activity with their children, without being the leader.  Children have the chance to initiate ideas and collaborate with their caregivers, engaging with their grownups in a wholly different way.  Using music from around the world and drawing on her background in Indian, West African and Japanese art forms, Tara leads warm-up activities, teaches a movement phrase, and guides families to create movement, tell stories and have fun together.  This is a high-enjoyment, low-pressure dance experience or athletic aptitude required!  Parents and children, grandfathers and granddaughters, aunts and nephews, or other caregivers with children ages 5+ welcome.  

This class was inspired by the work of Jeff Bliss, a remarkable dance educator at Jacob's Pillow.  When Tara first took Jeff's class years ago, she was amazed at the bonding experience generated between her older son and herself in his lively "Families Dance Together" class.

Tara has taught workshops and/or led residencies at organizations including:

  • Cambridge Center for Families

  • Boston Ballet

  • Broadmeadow Elementary School, Needham, MA

  • Methuen Public Library, Methuen, MA

  • New Hampshire Humanities Council

  • Boston University

  • Groundwerx Theater, Providence, RI

  • Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA

  • Sharon Public Library, Sharon, MA

Photos by Channing Johnson

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